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COURAGE: Elijah’s Fire & Passion Attract Others

“Then the fire of the LORD fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood and the stones and the dust, and it licked up the water that was in the trench.”

1 Kings 18:38

Not only did the crowds see the fire of God in Elijah, they soon saw it in his ministry – literally.

Elijah grew tired of his people’s spiritual rebellion and angry with the false prophets of Baal. He confronted both forces atop Mt. Carmel and there defeated the devil’s henchmen, although they outnumbered him 850 to 1 (1 Kings 18:19). No one had seen anything like his courage since the day David fought Goliath unremembered years before. And like the underdog David, Elijah met the enemy with passion. His eyes drank in the greatness of God, not the numbers of his enemies. This heavenly vision provided the fire that fueled his courage.

Leaders always need courage. No one who wants to bring about change can manage without courage. Courage flamed in Elijah’s heart because:

1. His resolution outweighed his reservations. Although greatly outnumbered, Elijah resolved that Baal had to be confronted at any cost.

2. His desires outweighed his desperation. Although it meant risk, Elijah wanted to honor God more than anything else.

3. His compassion outweighed his complaints. Although Elijah hated the people’s attitude, he wanted them to find and follow God.

Sunday Morning Lesson

“21” Crucial Qualities of Christians:   #6 - COURAGE

Deuteronomy 31:1-8

I. The Quality Defined

    a. Deut. 31:6

II. Joshua Leads The People Across the Jordan

    a. Josh. 1:1-11

    b. Joshua 3:1-4, 14-17

III. Elijah on Mount Carmel

    a. 1 Kings 18:16-40

IV. Esther’s Courage to Rescue Her People

    a. Esther 3:8-11

    b. Esther 4:1, 4-7, 9-13, 15-16

    c. Esther 5:1-3

    d. Esther 7:3-10

V. Conclusion

    a. Deut. 31:6

Sunday Evening Lesson

God’s Truth vs. Satan’s Lies for youth

John 8:31-36

I. Satan, The Father of Lies

    a. Gen. 1:27

    b. Gen. 2:8-9, 15-17

    c. Gen. 3:1-5

    d. Gen. 3:6-7

    e. Gen. 3:8-19

II. Satan’s Tactics of Deception

III. Satan Continues to Lie

    a. Isa. 5:20

    b. Jer. 6:13-15

    c. Matt. 15:7-9

    d. John 8:42-45

    e. 2 Cor. 4:3-4

    f. 1 John 2:15-17

IV. The Nature of Man

    a. Gen. 1:27

    b. Eccl. 12:13-14

V. The Parent-Child Relationship

    a. Eph. 6:1-3

    b. Eph. 6:4

VI. Moral choices

    a. Matt. 22:36-40

    b. Rom. 13:8-10

    c. Prov. 20:1

    d. Prov. 23:29-35

    e. 1 Pet. 5:8

VII. The Plan of Salvation

    a. John 3:16

    b. Rom. 1:16

    c. Mark 16:16

COURAGE: The One Item Saul Forgot to Pack

1 Samuel 10:17-13:14

Although Saul became king chiefly through his striking appearance, he never won the inward battles. On the outside, he was tall, good-looking and well-built (1 Sam. 9:2). On the inside, however, he amounted to little more than a shrimp. Observe the leadership of Saul:

1. When the time arrives to anoint Saul as king, he hides among the baggage.

2. When Samuel asks Saul to lead, he excuses himself as unable.

3. When Saul’s soldiers begin to scatter, he panics and disobeys his divine orders.

4. When comforted over his sin, Saul makes excuses for himself.

5. When Saul attacks the Amalekites, he is afraid to trust God and destroy the enemy.

6. When Saul fears losing the allegiance of the people, he builds a statue of himself.

7. When the Philistines face Israel, Saul’s fear prevents him from negotiating.

8. When David gains popularity, Saul’s insecurity drives him to attempted murder.

Lessons from Saul:

(1) Courage and cowardice are both contagious. (2) Without courage, it doesn’t matter how good your intentions are. (3) Only courage allows you to do what you are afraid of doing. (4) Without courage, we’re slaves of our own insecurity and possessiveness. (5) If the leader lacks courage, the people will lack commitment. (6) A leader without courage will never let go of the familiar. (7) Lack of courage will eventually sabotage a leader.

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