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Team Building:

Jesus Assembled a Team to Own a Vision

Mark 2:14-17

One could argue that Jesus constructed the most important team ever assembled. He chose specific individuals for specific roles. He chose the unlikely and developed them to reach their potential. And He chose an odd player – Matthew – to add to the mix.

Matthew was a hated tax collector, despised because he and his ilk seized money for the Roman government – traitors in the eyes of most Israelites. Jesus had the spiritual insight to choose those who were unloved and showed little promise. He saw Matthew’s potential to become an apostle and a writer. Jesus never felt bound by human opinion or approval. He didn’t judge by externals. He treated individuals based on their future potential, not present status.

In the same way we must free ourselves from the boundaries that keep us from building a balanced team. Consider some questions we might learn from Jesus:

1. What positive qualities exist that may be seen as negative behavior?

2. Do the individuals show intuitive, even it has been misdirected?

3. Would these people add positive chemistry and unique value if placed on the team?

4. Are they hungry to become something more than what they are now?

5. Do they demonstrate passion that could be redirected?

6. Could they play a needed role on the team?

Sunday AM


21 Christian Growth Issues in the Bible

Eph. 4:11-16

I. If People Don’t Work Together, the Team Will Fall Apart

a. Eph. 4:16

b. Heb. 12:1

II. Working Together Accomplishes Great Things

a. Neh. 2:17-20

b. Neh. 3:1-32

c. Neh. 4:1-6

III. David and His General Rally the Troops

a. 2 Sam. 10:1-19

IV. Surviving Because They Worked Together

a. Acts 27:13-44

Sunday PM

The Rich Ruler

Mark 10:17-22

I. He Ran to Jesus

a. Mark 10:17

II. He Kneeled

a. Mark 10:17

b. Matt. 8:20

c. John 1:46

III. He Came Openly

a. Mark 10:17

IV. A Man of Discernment

a. Mark 10:17

b. John 1:1

c. 1 Cor. 10:23

V. A Spiritual Minded Man

a. Mark 10:17

VI. An Upright Man

a. Mark 10:13-20

b. Acts 10:1-2

VII. A Sincere Man

a. Mark 10:21

VIII. Unable to Meet the Supreme Test

a. Mark 10:21-22

The Law of Empowerment: Jesus Gave Authority to His Team

Mark 3:13-19

Leadership teams must be chosen. Jesus deliberately chose all twelve members of His staff. He didn’t call for a vote; He made the personnel decisions Himself. Note what we learn about team building from Jesus’ selection of the Twelve:

1. Selection: He handpicked them. He prayed all night about it.

2. Motivation: He selected the ones He personally wanted. There was chemistry.

3. Connection: He chose them to be with Him. He modeled life in close proximity.

4. Permission: He released them and gave them specific assignments.

5. Commission: He empowered them and gave them authority to do their job.

The Law of Victory and Team Building

2 Samuel 8:1-10:12

Repeatedly in 2 Samuel King David gives us good illustrations of both the Law of Victory and effective teamwork. David finds a way to help Israel conquer again and again, and he keeps the people working together to achieve new goals. What can we learn about winning teams from David?

A Winning Team…

1. Starts with a plan (8:1-3)

2. Develops a structure (8:6, 14)

3. Has an anointed leader (8:6, 14)

4. Puts the interests of others first (8:15)

5. Shares responsibilities with others (8:16-18)

6. Helps each other out (10:9-12

7. Develops winning team members (23:8-12)

8. Breeds loyalty (23:13-17)

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