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Gospel Meeting Time

Don Wright became the located preacher at West Second Street church of Christ, Bloomington, IN circa 1990. It wasn’t very long at all until his wife Janice and their three children, Shaunte, Whitney and Jordan and our family were tremendous friends. His dedication to studying God’s Word and presenting it in exquisite fashion remains his passion. As you will quickly notice, Don’s strongest desire is to gain heaven eternal, and in doing so, lead as many as he can to that same blessed eternity!

This week, we are blessed to have Don with us in a gospel meeting. His lessons through the week are designed to teach us THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH. Since we Christians comprise the Lord’s church (1 Peter 2: 1- 10; Ephesians 2: 19 – 22), he could title the theme OUR PURPOSE just as well! These lessons are for building us up in the most holy faith (Jude 20) as well as for convincing the erring to repent and obey the gospel!

Gospel meetings are very profitable times in the development of the Christian. It’s like “extended education” for professionals, or “academic challenge” for students. Frankly, it is a feasting upon God’s Word, a time of fellowship with other Christians who come from other churches of Christ to hear God’s Word, and a time of serious self-examination (2 Corinthians 13:5). In times past, we called them “revivals” because they did revive our passions for God and His children. The benefits of gospel meetings are innumerable for those who truly love the gospel of Christ Jesus!

To only muse on these benefits will not provide them: one must determine to be a part of these opportunities by assembling for each one, and participating in these meetings with song, prayer and study. It is the individual responsibility of each one to take advantage of these blessings. (Hebrews 10:25) No one will ever get “too much” teaching of God’s Word; nor will anyone ever become “too faithful” in their obedience! It is then another opportunity for us to prove our love for God and His church and increase our ability to prove that love as we continue in this life!

Michael J. Davis, preacher

Orleans church of Christ

660 South Maple Street

Orleans, IN 47452

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